Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Printcess Eyeshadow as Highlighter

One of the reasons I call Printcess "mineral makeup" instead of just "eye shadow" is because you can do a LOT with these loose powders.

I'm posting a series of tutorials on ways you can use a pot of Printcess color to sub for things other than eye shadow. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, in the comments below!

Today's tip: HIGHLIGHTER

If you need to pack light, or you don't want a highlighter that's a one trick pony, you can easily substitute a neutral shimmer eyeshadow (like Printcess Narrative).

You could use Slippers or Manuscript as well, but I think Narrative works best for the majority of skin tones.

ALL Printcess colors are safe to use on your face!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals

Monthly Goals

August Goals Recap 
  • Post a series of Austen in August posts, here and as a guest poster at The Book Rat (you guys, I'm on a HUGE Jane Austen kick right now. HUGE!)<--SUCCESS!
  • Celebrate my 34th birthday....somehow. If I'm feeling up to it.<--SUCCESS!
  • Use your votes to cull the Printcess Literature collection<--SUCCESS! You can see the results here
  • Continue unpacking and settling into the new house<--SUCCESS! *ahem* Two more boxes unpacked this month!
  • Host a housewarming BBQ party for family and friends<--- POSTPONED while we deal with all the broken things
  • Figure out what to do for Fedora's birthday<--- FAIL, although we have a few weeks to figure it out, thankfully.
  • Go to yard sales for some needed space solutions (especially a pallet/coat rack mug display, wet bar, etc.)<--- POSTPONED AGAIN due to lack of time/energy/health
  • Get the sewer main line fixed, so we can take regular showers, do laundry and dishes, etc.<--SUCCESS! Thank goodness.
  • Actually plan out the front and back yards, sketched and all<--SUCCESS! Ish. We sketched it out in general, but haven't delved into the plan. Anybody know of a good garden-planning app? 

September Goals

  • Celebrate Fedora's birthday
  • Continue unpacking and settling into the new house
  • Host a housewarming BBQ party for family and friends
  • Go to yard sales for some needed space solutions (especially a pallet/coat rack mug display, wet bar, etc.)
  • Set up rain barrels in back
  • Start killing off the front and back yards
  • Get my health in order (more blood tests, weekly massage, etc.)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Austen Movie Throw-Down: Mansfield Park

It's time for

Who did it better? Which cast nailed the chemistry? Which director clearly did their Austen homework? Which soundtrack was cringe-worthy? 

I'm breaking down the best-known Jane Austen film adaptations for you, one novel at a time.

Let's dive into the (usually least-popular but nonetheless very realistic) Austen novel of morals and kissing cousins:
Mansfield Park

Production date: 1999
Type: Movie
Runtime: 112 min

Best moment:
Fanny's reality check when she's sent back to Portsmouth and endures mealworms on the table, biting insects in bed, too-rowdy siblings, and her mother's "I married for love" line (ouch, and also, yes).

Worst moment:
Throwing over all historical social convention and practice for the sake of modern-day tastes. In other words, catering to the lowest-common denominator to convey the messages in the book. 
Also, completely changing Fanny as a character (she's a novelist now?).

This is a prime example of using cinematography to convey what's inner dialogue in the novel.
This movie definitely takes liberties with the novel, but I think it stays true to the concepts (although not the characters), exaggerating things for a modern audience. 

Production date: 2007
Type: TV Movie
Runtime: 120 min

Best moment:
Edmund's moment of realization that he loves Fanny. It's very Merchant Ivory in the filming, but the look he has on his face, and the look his mother has, is priceless.
And the scene right after, although it takes liberties with propriety and the novel, Edmund is just adorable.

Worst moment:
Fanny and Edmund are given a flirtation that I'm fairly certain didn't happen in the book. It seems out of character, to say the least, her being all propriety and honesty and not at all coquettish. I mean, the whole "next morning" sequence is adorable, but I believe it's entirely fictional in every way.
Also, Fanny's sequined wedding dress (and spontaneous 'new dance'?).

This one stuck more closely to the novel (what I recall of it, anyway), and of course sad Billie Piper face makes me cry faster than anything. The costuming detracted in my seamstress' opinion (the women's clothing looked a bit too old for 1806), but the inclusion of so many scenes (and characters) from the book made up for that (let's just gloss over the "Fanny doesn't get sent back to Portsmouth" thing, OK?).

Production date: 1983
Type: Mini-series
Runtime: 261 min

Sadly, I couldn't dig up a copy of this to watch. 
Have you seen it? What did you think?

Well, to be honest, I'd much rather see a mini-series done where the director finds a way to keep Franny Price as written. 
But between the two, for my farthings, the winner is:

Looking for a modern adaptation?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Etsy Swap goodness!

The biggest hazard of hosting a swap blog is that you find amazing swaps. And then, of course, you want to join them all. Or at least, as many as financially possible.

When I ran across this one, hosted by Writing in Red Lipstick, I jumped on board without a second thought.

I was paired with the amazingly generous Katie, of KT's Nails, whom I know from Chaotic Goddess Swaps and her generally being a nail art badass. She's also a Halloween fan, and perusing her Etsy wishlist it was clear that she'll be hosting the best haunted houses. :)

She was, in a nutshell, amazingly generous. AND talented. She sent:
Fandom tea: The Fresh Books smells EXACTLY like opening a book. The Chai is nice and spicy, and the Cream Earl Grey makes me feel so Picard, I'm almost bald. ;)

A Polyjuice Potion flask! What I put in flasks definitely makes me feel like another person....

A beautiful handmade card, Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear polish in a pretty blue, chalkboard labels, kraft paper labels, and HANDMADE geekdom bookmarks.

Wash (*sobs*), Serenity (didn't show up in the photo, but she hand painted that Mandarin "logo"), TARDIS, Dalek battle cry, and a Dalek, complete with studs and all. 
These are amazing. The talent....I am just floored.

THANK YOU, KATIE! I love (and have been using) everything you sent. 

Jane Austen Book Tag

While I was perusing linked-up posts for Austen in August, over at The Book Rat, I stumbled across the Jane Austen Book Tag on Macarons & Paperbacks.
How could I resist?

Please feel free to play along!

Sense and SensibilityA book with a dynamic sibling relationship

Pride and PrejudiceA book that didn’t seem interesting at first

EmmaA book in which two close friends fall in love

Mansfield ParkA book with a ‘rags to riches’ storyline

PersuasionA book involving second chances

Northanger AbbeyA book with an imaginative character