Farmers Market Bliss

I admit it- I am a compulsive shopper when it comes to food, unusual things, and festivals/faires. I will spend without thought when I feel justified in supporting a local economy, buying niche gifts for loved ones, and when there are yummies involved.
I have been waiting with anticipation for the local farmer's market to start here, ever since cracking open Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle". So going to the market today was a bit of an occasion. I walked the two miles, with my trusty iPod, grinning like a kid at Yule the whole time.

When I arrived, I was happy to see that there was something of just about everything that I wanted (fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, breads, spreads, flowers, potted plants of all types, and fresh food like pizza and ice cream). Additionally, to my delighted surprise, the booths were 97% manned by foxes. Seriously, next week I am wearing something sexy and doing my hair. I'd be willing to bet the men I was eyeing are all married (that hot, and organic produce growers? meow!), but it doesn't hurt to flirt. Right? ;)

But I digress. I went a happy. $75 market happy. I did buy some essentials that I was looking for (idy bidy carrots, grass-fed beef, two types of bizarre potatoes), plus some surprises (bok choy for tonight's stir fry, strawberries). But I also splurged on chocolate milk (organic!), two different types of cheeses (one is a gift for my brother), a red bean hummus spread, grape seed oil chimichurri...I was bad. But oh so good. :)

I will strive to be better next week, aiming for eggs and veggies only. Oh, the eggs- I saw BLUE eggs. How awesome is that?! Very pretty stuff. And I do hope this grass-fed beef is amazingly good, because it was quite pricey. If not, then we'll just be eating less beef. Maybe we'll get some lamb...they did have grass-fed free range lamb available. Nom nom nom.

Anyway, I wanted to share my squee with you all. I encourage you to check out your local farmer's market, even if you don't buy anything. There's usually free samples, and it's nice to know your options. Plus, there's the benefit of buying local, and tasting veggies as they're meant to be tasted (ya know, with flavor).

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