For all you crafty kittens...

I'm a busy woman, but I do enjoy sewing my own clothing and costumes. There's nothing quite like the pride in finishing a unique piece of fabulous that you can wear (or give to others). But like most seamstresses, I started on Simplicity patterns and my mother's advice. That's all well and good up to a point, but what about making something *I* design? Or finding better patterns? How about cheaper patterns? Look no further than Threadbanger!

This lovely interactive site comes complete with articles AND how-to vids, a community of sewers and fashion designers from all levels of expertise, and it's geared toward those of us who follow a less central path in life. They have amazingly resourceful tips and tricks (a dress made out of old body loufas, anyone?), and have free patterns for sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting, etc. I truly just adore this website to bits.

And how about some free patterns? Try BurdaStyle, an open source pattern site. Create, review, upload, and download patterns all for free. This has some more mainstream stuff, as well the bizarre and unique, and is a great alternative to spending $16 on a corporate pattern made to fit a hanger. :)

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