Lullaby Moon recap

Lullaby Moon happened last night, at Golden Gardens. I want to give a big 'thank you' to all the amazingly creative, compassionate, and hard-working performers, technicians, musicians, volunteers, and audience members who helped make this one of the most special and amazing moons ever. I've heard it was beautiful and dreamlike from start to finish (I was "asleep" for most of it, even whilst dancing around my bed). I'm sure more pics will start rolling in on Flickr later this week, but here are a few I have gleaned thus far.

I didn't miss a single beat (yay!), and survived despite being abraded horridly in the show department (our shoes were cute slip ons that had a penchant for gathering sand, and forcing toes in places they should not go). I almost ended up taking a very affectionate two year old home (she grabbed my hands and wouldn't let go...and damnit, she was adorable). I did end up growing even closer to my amazing, talented, and loving "sisters". And getting intimate with some beautiful lullabies. :)
For those who are interested, the next New Moon is in June (21st or 22nd- I will share when I know more) in Seward Park.

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