Lullaby Moon VIII- a Seattle revel

I love performing with this group, and have done so for a year now (beginning with "Ooo La La", the May day show in 2008). I really love seeing the reaction of audience members who are surprised by this piquant and unique event passing through their world. Children, especially, seem to both love the world of Lullaby Moon and be at complete ease within it. I have danced through as Great Grandmother Clock (so old she has turned into an owl) and received looks of "Yep, that's exactly right" from kids (where as adults are more likely to begin with a look of "what the...??").

This new moon we will be in Golden Gardens park, so if you're in the area, please come check us out! It's totally free, interactive, and always a treat. :)

When: Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where: Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

Time: Twilight revels begin about 8:00 pm just north of the Bathhouse/Teen Center building.

Lullaby Moon VIII is envisioned and created by Lucia Neare, with choreography by Olivier Wevers, musical direction by Matt Goodrich, theatrical direction by Cathy Madden, and technical direction by Damian Amrhein.

Lullaby Moon is a year-long invitation to Seattle to explore a world of dream. A celebration of the night sky, the series of performance events brings bedtime whimsy and wonder to parks and other public spaces throughout the city, enlivening and enlightening the dark time of each month. Performances take place on each new moon for an entire lunar year beginning in October 2008.

Lullaby Moon is supported by 4Culture's Site Specific Performance Network, the Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the generosity of private donors.

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