Uncommon scents

Just a brief note here, as I feel inspired by this.
I'm not normally a perfume wearer. Honestly, my life is so busy that I rarely get dolled up for anyone or anything. However, I'm striving to be a bit more feminine in my day-to-day grind. I'd like to feel naturally beautiful, all the time.
It was this thought that drove me to check out Sweet Anthem, a local perfume company run by a highly talented Seattle woman (and her adoring and supportive boyfriend, who kept my roommate company while I smelled everything). They had a table at a local Artwalk on Phinney Ridge, and I felt inspired by their unique scents.

First off, the products are organic and vegan, which I love. I feel good about putting anything on my skin when I know it's natural and eco-friendly.

Secondly, the scents are truly unique. Now, I'm one of those ladies that wrinkles her nose up at cloying flower scents, or overdone pre-teen fruity perfumes. I'm not much of a fan of musk perfumes, either. I guess you could say I'm scent-picky.
But Sweet Anthem has none of that (and, they're all labeled as women's names, which just makes them that much more creative and unique).

I bought two scents- Eleanor (which I bought for myself, as it's a lovely light and warm summer-time fragrance that reminds me of berry picking on a hot day) and Maureen (which I bought for my Mom, as it's a warm and woodsy, spicy/fruity/floral complex mix that screams "I'm sexy, I'm wise, I'm maternal, and I know what I want").

When I got home and persued their website, I realized that I want to smell everything they offer. Just reading the ingredients makes my mouth water! Needless to say, I'll be following this company and buying perfumes for all my chick friends this Yule.

Oh, and best of all? They offer a sample pack, which you can personalize, for the truly indecisive. AND they offer a make-it-yourself kit! I love this idea, as it fosters creative cooperation and friendship (as opposed to the "I can't teach you how to make this thing because then we'll be competitors").

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