Weight loss and free chocolate

I am among the majority that love chocolate and, not surprisingly, the majority that is trying to lose weight. I weighed a normal 150 in high school, but have always seen myself as fat (and not unattractive, but not sexy). I blame it on being teased for being fat back in middle school (when I wasn't overweight, but had large breasts, which made me a target), and getting mistaken for a 30 year old all throughout high school. When I went to college I gained 30 lbs in one year, on a steady diet of frozen pizza, top ramen, and ice cream. Joining Curves helped me lose some of that weight, but it's really a yo-yo effect for me. I lose two pounds, then gain them back, etc ad infinitum. A large part of this is my inability to feel full. I literally cannot tell when I am full during a meal. So after seeing this giveaway on A Psych Mommy's blog for chocolates filled with omega-3 acids and good-for-you oils, aimed at making you feel more full, I was intrigued. And thought I'd pass the news along for anybody here, if you want to enter to win. The link is here.
Now I just need chocolate that sheds fat in specific areas of the body... ;)

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