What is a goddess life?

A goddess life, in my estimation, is a life well lived. It's a life that is spent doing good work in order to improve the world (be that humanity, or the environment, or spirituality, etc). It's a life that is independent and self-sufficient, yet compassionate and generous. For me, a goddess life is a productive one in which my needs are being met, I am helping others, and I am being the best friend, daughter, sister, and person that I can be.

I highly prize education (not just formal in-the-classroom lecturing, but real world experience and, above all, the drive to better oneself and one's world through learning about it), which is why I started this blog. I'm also big on DIY stuff, and domestic joys, which is the majority of what is here. I post notices about giveaways that I find interesting and think you would, too. I'll also use this as a shameless plug for my uber-talented friends. :)

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