Crafty people who rock

I went to Seattle's Punk Rock Flea Market today- I was hoping for some fashion fun, and got more than expected. Unfortunately, as with most vintage clothing, nothing was big enough for me (back to sewing my own, I guess!). However, I did see a LOT of vendors with unusual, unique, and all-around awesome wares. I'm all about supporting local business, and original business, so I thought I'd pass along a brief overview. I'm posting my Sweet Anthem stuff in another post (tho, of course, I bought some of their wares). Most of these vendors caught my eye when my wallet was empty- I'll be bringing dough for them next time! :)

Love Hair Candy
Amazingly beautiful hair decorations, made with feathers and neeting and shiny things. I saw these and instantly thought of classic 1920's/30s/40s Hollywood glamour. I actually want to make a 1930s evening gown so I can have an excuse to wear one of these. Tres magnifique!

Pink Magic Potions
I was drooling when I saw the table strewn with pink frosting cupcakes, nummy-looking buns, and other confectionary beauties....and then I realized that they are bathtime products! When she says they are works of art, she means it- each truly looks edible. They are aromatherapy bath fizzes and the like, designed to relax and inspire you. Unfortunately, I lacked the cash to buy any today, but I am definitely getting these when I can. What a great way to feel pampered and gorgeous!


Unique jewelry, made from recycled materials of other things. For ten bucks, I scored myself an awesome clockwork cog ring, PERFECT for my upcoming steampunk costume (accessories before costume, always!).

Seattle Lumin
Electroluminescent wire, for making into jewelry, sewing onto/into costumes and club wear, and decoration purposes. It's like Light Bright, but better! :)

Tormented Artifacts

If these guys had been based in San Diego, back in my masquerade days, I would have been paying for their retirement. They have a lot of soft leather masks (in unique designs), steampunk-esque leather arm guards, jewelry, etc. If I suddenly developed a sense of style, I would want it to be along the lines of this vendor. As it stands, I am hunting down an excuse to buy and wear one of their masks. Mmmm....


Appropriately, the last of my list, but certainly not the least. Unfortunately, they need a better web presence. But in person, their accessories rock. I was captured by the little Lolita hats (with feathers and whatnot), and the other headware is...intense. I can tell I'll be going to them for cosplay and costume needs for quite a while!

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