Meditation tip

Honestly, being so busy (and frequently stressed), I don't meditate as often as I should. Everyone should meditate, if only for a few minutes every day, to acheive a nice sense of calm and empowerment. There is no downside to it. But most people associate meditation with new-age religions, or cults, or even marketing scams. This is totally unfortunate, as meditation is as personalized of a practice as brushing your teeth or taking a shower- it's about YOU only.

How can you meditate without any religious or other affiliation? You don't have to sit in lotus pose and chant ohm. Just try this:

Sit in someplace comfortable, where the temperature is good and you're not feeling constrained or vulnerable. Wear what makes you comfy. Above all, make sure you are isolated from interruptions (cell phone, roommates, etc). This is your own private time to enjoy! Make sure you're breathing well, too (I like to start with deep diaphragm breathing, which for me means sitting down and not slouching).

Close your eyes and try to picture pure black.
Once you can hold in your minds' eye a blank slate of pure black, gradually transition that to another color. Make the transition as gentle or profound as you would like, but don't move on until that color is firmly in your imagination. Try to transition and hold strong in your mind all the basic colors.
Many people suggest the rainbow, but I find that when I try to concentrate on a specific order to the colors, I lose the ability to visualize them.

Once you have visualized all colors, including white, come back around to black. Open your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale.

There ya go! Nice, easy, non-denominational meditation. :)

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