Mineral Makeup, continued

Still wearing it everyday, and no breakouts. Yay! :) I'm learning how to best apply it for my skin type (large pores). I've found that lightly applying concealer first, and blending, under my eyes and on red spots, is best. Then, I dot foundation powder along my jawline and hairline, and blend each dot in all directions (as if it's the center of a star). Same for my nose. For my cheeks, where my huge pores lurk, I pick up powder on my brush and use a sweeping downward motion using the side of my brush instead of full on (full on, or dotting foundation on my cheeks, tends to concentrate the foundation where the huge pores are, which emphasizes them). So far, so good! Than a teensy bit of blush, my amethyst mineral eyeliner (which I love), and mineral eyeshadow and I'm good to go!
I need more mineral eyeshadow (I have green and plum), and mineral lipstick or lip tint.

The more I wear this stuff, the more I realize how bad my existing makeup is- quality, and color. Anyone know of a makeup recycling program? I hate to just throw this stuff out if it can be recycled at all. Thanks!