Mineral Makeup Experiments

I'm not one of those bloggers who does reviews and giveaways (though, clearly, I love those gals). I try to focus more on DIY projects and tips. However, I feel the need to talk a moment about mineral makeup.

I have a long love-hate relationship with makeup, especially foundation and concealer. My face has large pores (much to my chagrin), tends toward a combo of very dry and very oil, and is ruddy and scarred from being put on harmful meds when I had acne as a teen. I still have some acne, as an adult, but the red blemishes (which used to be purple) and subcutaneous scars are what really make me look unhealthy. I try covering these up with liquid (and powder) foundations, but I always always always end up with irritated skin. A day or two after wearing the makeup, I will have breakouts everywhere on my face, no matter what I do. Because of this, I usually only wear makeup once or twice a month, on special occasions.

So when I saw a giveaway for mineral makeup, I decided it was time to try it. It's part of my personal revolution (in which I am undergoing a life change to be happier and more self-confident, by emphasizing my assets, working to be healthy, and treating myself with more respect and love). So I ordered a sample foundation, concealer, blush, lip gloss, and setting powder (along with concealer brush and kabuki foundation brush) from Mineral Basics.

I have worn a complete face makeup for two days in a row now, applying everything as per directed. The foundation does indeed give a complete coverage, but it feels so light! I literally cannot feel the makeup on my skin, which is a first for me. The concealer is very mild, but as it's a powder I suppose that's no big surprise. The brushes feel great against my skin and- a major bonus- the makeup comes off easily with some soap, water, and a gentle exfoliating cloth. I am going to continue wearing it each day, and monitor my skin's reaction, but so far there has been no irritation, and no breakouts. Woohooo! Also, the gloss smells fantastic (orange and raspberry oil), feels totally light and natural on my lips, and isn't sticky at all. The shade I got was a freebie, and it's much pinker than I would have chosen for myself...but it still looks okay (lots of golden undertones). My lover enjoys it, as he can now kiss me without getting yucky sticky gloss or chapstick on his own lips.

Next to try is some mineral eye shadow and eye liner, from Pur Minerals (sorry, Mineral Basics, but ULTA was having an amazing sale....I'll go back to you for more in the future, I promise). :)

So, in short, I highly recommend making the switch to mineral makeup. Yes, it's more expensive. But I think it's worth it. Like eating locally grown, organic produce, it just feels better. And after all, isn't that the point?