Sweet Anthem (part deux!)

I blogged about Sweet Anthem earlier, but I feel compelled to add to that. Sweet Anthem is: local (for me, in Seattle), uses vegan products only, owned/operated by a woman, unique in their scents, very friendly, and encourages customers to experiment making their own scents. Truly, you can't beat that!

Working as a perfume girl at Macy's many years ago turned me off to perfume. My mom never really wore any, and I was around enough people who basted in it regularly that I've never considered it part of my 'getting dressed' routine. I have always *wanted* to feel like I smell amazingly good/sexy/me, but store perfumes and eaus usually make me cringe or gag. Now just a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Sweet Anthem at a local art walk festival. And since then, I've been wearing their product every day. Today, I ran into them at the Punk Rock Flea Market, and picked up four more scents (hey, I like diversity, and having choices). :)

The owner and her boyfriend are both very personable and sweet, and I never felt like they were trying to pitch me something. Not only did she not give me a hard sell, she encouraged me to find my own scent. She carries kits that you can buy, so you can make your own perfume- how awesome is that? Clearly, she loves making a new scent, and wants to share that creative experience with others. Woohoo!
Also, bonus, she carries roll-on oils, two different sizes of perfume (5ml and 2ml), and solid wax perfume. Something for everyone!

Every Sweet Anthem perfume has a woman's name (ok, and her first-ever male sent, Elliott). At first I thought maybe this was a gimmicky thing, like they are named for friends. But after smelling everything she has to offer, I can see they are akin to my novel characters- each one has a unique personality. And that's how she writes about them on her website, as if these scents are close female friends, here to help you be a little more awesome. :)

Last time, I bought Eleanor. I'm not a fan of overly-sweet perfumes (which tend to be floral scents), but this gourmand scent drew me in. It's strawberries, coconut, and white tea...what strikes me most about it is the strawberries. I smell it and I think pink, spring, giggling, and sunshine. I think wearing Eleanor just lifts my spirits.

Today I have also purchased Vicky, Anita, Beatrice, and Caroline. I have yet to wear any of them, so we'll see what kind of mood they bring me (and how the intimate people in my life respond to them).
Anita contains Morrocan mint, peppermint, pink sugar, Turkish mocha, and vanilla. In short, it's totally edible. Who doesn't want to smell edible? :) It's a really nice balance of mint, chocolate, and a hint of sugar. Wearing this will either mellow me out, or make me hungry 24/7. Either way, I love it.

Beatrice contains Champa, frankincense, mahogany, rhubarb, and tonka bean. I don't know how she thought to put all those together- this woman must have the nose of a bloodhound! But let me tell you, it works. This is a scent for cold evenings and outdoor camping. It's a scent for getting snuggly with someone. It's woodsy with some spice, and the tonka bean adds just enough of a 'green' smell that it feels familiar and natural all around. I will greatly enjoy wearing this in the Fall. I may have to start wearing some leather when I have Beatrice on. Meow.

Caroline contains Ambergris, bergamot, champagne, lemon, oakmoss, sarsparilla, and vanilla. It's difficult to describe. Sweet, yes, but in a green way. Caroline is not terribly complicated...or maybe she's just so smooth you don't notice. I can smell the champagne, for sure, and it makes me smile. This is my scent to wear for evenings out, I think- it just seems like the kind of scent that makes you smile and enjoy being a healthy woman. Plus, the liquid has a green tint to it, which is just cool. :)

Vicky contains almond, cinnamon, and sweet orange. When my friend Pat smelled it, his first reaction was a tiny naughty smile. That's positive enough for me, but then he said "that smells really great". Sold! And it truly does. It's like a freshly-baked treat smell- not sugary, but wholesome and warm and intriguing. I have a feeling that Vicky may quickly become my favorite scent.

And I can't wait to try out more! I think I'll be doing all my holiday and gift shopping on Etsy, and Sweet Anthem is among the vendors I have bookmarked there.

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