Time Management Tricks

Do you find yourself with NEVER enough time to do everything you need to do? Try this time management trick:
Get yourself a journal and a good pen and carry these around with you everywhere.

Keep track of what you do each day, and approximately how long it takes you to do each task (round to the nearest 10 or fifteen minute mark). Yes, I know this is a pain and will require you to stop what you're doing often in order to record the task you just finished. Entries can be as simple as "Showered, dressed- 30 minutes", "Ate breakfast- 10 minutes", "Checked email- 45 minutes". Even repetitive tasks (like, for me, checking email) should be recorded each time you do them. Do this for a week, including one weekend.

Now sit down with your journal and look at the tasks you did regularly, over that time period. Arrange these tasks into three categories: Must Do (i.e. shower, sleep, eat), Like to Do (i.e. read a book, laundry), and Non-Critical (i.e. everything else). Give this some serious thought.

Once you have those tasks arranged, look at the time frames you have there. You can sacrifice the Non-Critical activities, or at least reduce the amount of time you spend on them, to open yourself from free space. Anything in the first two category that is a huge time drain, evaluate. Is there a way you can spend less time on it? What about doing it in smaller chunks of time as opposed to one large chunk?

Once you've seen that there are opens areas of time in your schedule, you're good to go! Want to write the next great novel? Or workout? Or study French? Meditate? Now you have identifiable areas, if only 15 minutes here and there, to do these things in.

An added bonus is that you've just identified those activities which you don't need to be doing, but are doing anyway (possibly out of habit now). Ditch those and free up your time!