The Importance of Follow-Up

Yet another blog about job hunting tips! :)

Many of us get too busy, too lazy, or resent having to acknowledge that the employer holds all the cards. But sending a thank you note and/or email, formally thanking them for their time and consideration of you as a future employee is 100% awesome.

To stand out from the competition, after any job interview (even a phone interview), make sure you follow-up with a thank you note and/or email. This will show your potential employer two things:

a) You want this job enough to be thinking about it actively

b) You're mature enough to go out of your way to recognize and thank them for going out of THEIR way to give you the opportunity to interview.
It also serves to remind them of you (a big bonus if they are interviewing a batch of candidates).
That's it! Just a few moments out of your busy, unemployed life to compose and send those, and you're already ahead of 95% of your competition.

Added bonus- follow up, mostly in terms of a card/note, works really well for after a swanky party (addressed to the hostess), freelance meeting (addressed to the hiring party), nice formal date (the equivalent of a follow-up call, but much less intimidating, and somewhat romantic to boot), etc. Stand out from the crowd! :)