Things I just learned while trying to drive in the snow

(picture is beautiful, but isn't mine...copyright its website)

1) Driving in the snow is remarkably different than driving in the rain, mainly on account of the ice lurking underneath the powder.

2) Anti-lock brake systems in the cars made in the late 1990s make a grinding noise when activated, say, because of slippage on ice.

3) I am not above putting it in park, turning on my hazards, and calling my mother to ask for advice.

4) Making three right turns is sometimes more efficient than trying to turn across traffic. I figured this out about one second before the guy turning across traffic in front of me did.

5) Pedestrians who walk along streets when conditions are snowy and icy don't seem to realize that sliding cars could take them out, too.

6) Some other drivers on the road (*ahem* guy behind me in the green coup) will still be rude and pushy, despite the obvious danger, and despite sliding across the road twice themselves. Tailgating in these conditions is dangerous and shows poor taste.

7) My priorities lie roughly like this: personal safety, personal comfort, work, running errands outside of the house, working out.

Stay safe this winter!