When is it worth it?

Imagine you're in a new relationship. Some things are good, some things could use improvement. You thought he was The One, but now you realize that you're desperately groping for A One because of your own issues.

He could still be The One, but his flaws are more apparent to you than before, and you're not sure they're something you would still be okay with in six months, or if they would start to drive you insane.

You get into your first big fight. I'm talking constant miscommunications, one of you leaves and you're both in a huff kind of fight.

Is it worth it to try and work out the problems in the relationship, knowing that he might not be The One, knowing that your expectations of him may be unfair, and knowing that it's going to take a lot of effort and time and this is territory you've never ventured into before?

Or do you just hash it out as friends, cut your losses, and get to finding the next potential One?