Calorie-free Dessert For My Skin

It's Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas blog swap. Way too close to being over. Wah! I actually found several perfect gifts for my swap partner and friend, Angie at My So-Called Chaos, in stores this week. Darn! Ah well, next time.

Today, Angie is indulging my love of sweets and weight-loss goals by providing this tasty little number. It's a hot fudge sugar scrub, cotton candy bath salts, and caramel body lotion (plus cute pink loofah). Brilliant! I love smelling absolutely edible, and desperately need a sugar scrub right now for my hands and feet (given that it's cold and dry season now). And I use lotion like it's oxygen, and can always use more bath salts. Did I mention our new place has a beautiful etched-glass shower setup with bath tub? Yay!

Thanks again for a wonderful, and very fitting, gift, Angie! I hope you're liking your gifts thus far, and getting as much use out of them as I am getting out of the ones you sent. :D