Christmas Joe!

Day two of the 12 Days of Christmas blog swap, and Angie over at My So-Called Chaos has beautifully wrapped for me......
a very fitting ornament. :D

I don't have a tree, but this beauty is going up anyway. We both love coffee (I often joke that here in Seattle, it's atomized and pumped through the city) I think as a culinary joy as well as a comfort drink. And while I've seen Starbucks' overpriced coffee ornaments, I have never seen one like this! It's just adorable, and I want to have it up in the house all year. In the kitchen, preferably.

And as an added bonus, Angie has continued the sweet and gorgeous cards (I think she handmade them), calling me brave (heehee....gonna run out of positive "B" adjectives soon) and making me all curious about the gifties. Yay! Thanks, Angela!!

P.S. These photos are stock photos from the manufacturers, because my laptop and camera aren't on speaking terms right now. :)