Cutest Geek on the Block

On Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Swap, Angie from My So-Called Chaos surpassed my wants in getting me.....knee socks!! How awesome are these?

Confession time: I think knee socks are adorable. Adorable in ways I don't consider myself to be. So I have lusted after knee socks in the past, but never ventured to buy a pair. But I finally got myself a cute short wool skirt (for wintertime, ja?) and NOW I have the adorable knee socks to match! Literally!

Somehow, Angie knew (witches' intuition again?) that my wool skirt is the same dark green/blue as the lefthand pair. Also, one of my favorite colors is that same mint green/aqua as the lefthand pair. Wahooo! So now I have a beautiful Argyle pattern with my favorite colors, and a respectable black/grey stripey set to wear with...hrm...I will have to buy or make an outfit to match my new socks! Heeheee.... :)