Got my Blog Swap boxes!

And boy am I ever excited about them! :D Each one is so prettily wrapped, and a different size and shape. It's like Christmas (only better, because my family stopped giving actual presents last year and only do stocking stuffers now). Wahoo!

I am being very good, and waiting until Dec 12th to open Package 1. And then it will be a pressie-a-day countdown. I can't wait to see how she likes the stuff I sent her! And to see what genius she came up with. The Day 1 gift is unwrapped, so I can see what it is, and my mouth is watering. Nomnoms.

The excitement builds!

In the meantime, tomorrow is Noel's bday game night, I bake 2 Kahlua cakes for my bf's family gathering, and must job hunt and apartment hunt like a madwoman. Apparently, a ship pulled in tonight, so houses are gonna go like hotcakes. I have my fingers crossed for finding a good place that's what we're looking for, by Monday.
Then on Saturday, I go to the bf's family gathering and meet his entire extended family. *ahem* No pressure, right?
Luckily, he spoils me rotten with plenty of love, so I win even if they don't like me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Two more weeks until Christmas- can you believe it?