Home, Sweet Home

After months of searching, Cody and I finally found a place!

It's a cute little townhome in Bremerton, with cherry trees in the front yard, a young couple as neighbors, and good owners.

Io, Hestia and all the gods! I am so relieved at this epic, stressful search being done. On January 1st, we'll be moving in (that seems like a good sign, for a good year).

Cody has graciously suggested that I start bringing boxes to his place, as a staging area, which means less threat from the growing rat population at my current place.

It also means less stress overall, as I'll be living in a place where I have 50% of the say on what happens there. No more surprise parties, other people's messes to clean, or other people's food to buy.

I've also decided to look for another home for Lucy. I think the move would be too stressful for her, and I'm not sure I can continue to financially support her beyond the next 2 months.

I'm very excited to begin nesting, and we've already talked about how we would arrange furniture, decorate, etc. So, Angela, it turns out you were right.

And thanks to everyone who was reassuring me this past week, and offering great suggestions!

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