Knitty, or Nice?

It's the second-to-last day in the great 12 Days of Christmas blog swap, and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around one last day of awesome random gifts from Angie a My So-Called Chaos, and 3 days until Christmas. I'm sure I'll be posting a year-end wrap up blog, here and on my LJ, so I won't get mired in all that time-flies stuff just yet.

Please ignore the bad pic of me above, and focus on the scarf. Angie said in her note, this one is definitely plush. Very, very soft and feels handmade even though it had a store tag on it. There are gold threads woven throughout for a pretty sheen (not really visible in the above photo, or maybe I'm distracted by my failure at a "this is so soft" facial expression). Anyway, as soon as our rain turns to snow *coughcoughZeuscoughcough* I will love wearing this! It's super long for twining about myself, and a neutral enough brown to go with just about anything. Warm softness, here I come! :)