I adopted a practice from a very good friend of mine (whose husband is an excellent writer, and you should check out his blog) of adopting a new mantra each year instead of making resolutions. Resolutions are promises to yourself, and (like romance on Valentine's Day) should not be obligatory on New Years Eve or New Years Day. Whenever you need to work toward a new self-goal, you should.

Instead, adopting a new mantra for the year sets the perspective. It gives an empowering belief of hope and positivity to cling to for an entire 12 months.

The first time I did it, I was amazed at how continually my mantra came into affect during that year. I am firm in the opinion that belief creates reality, and keeping a perspective on the new year will shape it.

This year, my mantra is "Anything is possible".

Because it really is.

And with a multitude of varying challenges before me, I think it's important to keep my attitude about them empowered and positive. I also like the subtle reminder in that- I am free to take on whatever I want, whatever I can dream up, and it's all inherently doable.

So what's your mantra for the new year?

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