My Happy List


I have a lot of happy to report this week!
I donated platelets and cat food this week (and will be donating hair to Locks of Love next week) and am feeling happy that I could help people. Donating blood always makes me feel zen.

I got some good job leads and possibilities, down in Port Orchard (where I'm hoping to move to next month). I'm definitely moving in with my boyfriend in late Dec/early January, and feeling hopeful about getting employed there is a GOOD thing.

Speaking of moving...I'm happy because I finally feel like I can go forward with the moving plans, which I've been starting (and halted on...numerous times) about 3 months ago.

I am making jewelry! It started with two pairs of earrings for two friends, and last night I made a pair of earrings for Mom, a pair of my brother's girlfriend, and a necklace for my friend Lisa. I'm addicted. :)

I am participating in both the "12 Day of Christmas" blog swap (partnered with my friend Angie- yay!) and the Livejournal Holiday Wishes community. As such, I've sent out almost three dozen packages to total strangers, and I have 4 more to send (to friends). I've gone way over budget for shipping this year, but hey, I'm having fun.

And today, Chocopolis is giving away free hot chocolate (which I'm going to get, on my way to the Urban Craft Uprising faire). Today should be a lot of creative fun. I'm excited to smell Meredith's new Sweet Anthem scents, and pick up a gift for Jim and Holly, and maybe something for my aunt and uncle.