My Happy List


Well, the weekend is only half over, but I do have happy stuff to report already.

Happily, Scotsman and I are doing fabulously. So much so that I'm beginning to wish I had a better online nickname for him than Scotsma
n...something more lovey. We usually stick to the generals: dear, darling, baby, sweetheart, love, etc.
In my head I usually think "big, brawny, handsome" before the Scotsman bit. Maybe I should start calling him cupcake, cookie, pumpkin, dumpling...considering how gastrocentric we both are.

Speaking of which, another thing for my happy list is that both of my Kahlua cakes for ThanksChristmas came out just fine! Scotsman's parents liked them enough to take one home (as usual, only a few slices were eaten during the event, so LOTS of leftovers). I am contemplating making the leftover cake I took into chocolate bread pudding. That might be too rich, but I DO need food bribery for Blade and Gun, as they'll
be asked to fix my car tomorrow. (That's definitely not a happy list item- that my car needs another repair, two weeks after the last one).

I'm very happy that I have options for moving. I hope to find a good place tomorrow, and get approved on my (and Scotsman's) applications, so we can move ASAP. I'm desperate to get out of my current situation, and starting to really get excited about nesting. I started out stressed and worried about moving in with Scotsman, but now it's definitely a happy, exciting thing.

And lastly on my happy list, I have received a bunch of packages in the mail in the past week. I'm unused to receiving anything, unless I ordered it, so each arrival is a sort of awe-inspiring thing. Between the 12 Days of Christmas blog swap, and Holiday Wishes on Livejournal, and holiday gifts from friends around the country, I am one spoiled woman. For the first time ever, I'm getting presents that I actually WANT (as in, on my Amazon list, things I use and enjoy, etc) instead of stuff others believe I will enjoy. This is deeply fulfilling. :)

I'm reusing the boxes for moving, which is nice, and recycling the wrapping paper into ornaments for my brother's tree, as he has none. I am currently researching different ways to make ornaments with household goods...anyone have any ideas? I'd love to hear them! Thanks, and a happy week to you!