Obligatory End of the Year Wrap-Up Post

As I am sure bloggers around the world are doing, I would like to post a quick end-of-the-year review before we slid right into 2011.

I dropped this blog for quite a while, and haven't made a crafty post in a bit. This will change, I can promise you, as I have a few 'living poor' challenges ahead of me. I will try to keep a balance between the DIY posts and the personal posts, to make this blog more interesting to a general audience. In 2011, I hope to include more recipe posts, beading posts, costuming posts, 'green' posts, and DIY craft posts.

So, on to the recap!
2010 started out with a hangover. I knew it was going to be a great year, and a dynamic one, but the first day of it I was stuck in bed cursing the invention of rum. It got better.

But mostly, I found out more about myself, what I need and what makes me happy, and I stepped more fully on my path. I learned a bit better how to LISTEN to the gods (more important than talking to them, I think) and how to quiet my own inner criticism.
As predicted, 2010 was a dynamic, life-enhancing, spiritual/social year. I predict more love and joy and nesting in 2011, but it shall be an equally joyous year.

And I wish it to be a wisdom-imparting, challenging but rewarding, loving year for you all as well!

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