Urban Craft Uprising

One of the things I adore about Seattle is the amount of creative, crafty kittens there are around here. I average 1-2 craft shows per year (really, that's all my budget can allow), and I always find interesting new stuff. Today, I went to the Urban Craft Uprising show at the Seattle Center. It's going on tomorrow, too, and I recommend checking it out.

I stopped first at the
Sweet Anthem booth. You guys know I adore Meredith and her scent-talent. Well, her holiday scents do not disappoint! By now, I have purchased a tiny amount of nearly every scent she's ever made. She told me today that her rhubarb base supplier is going out of business, so TWO of my fav scents of hers won't be available in the same formula anymore. Boosauce.

Luckily, I have fallen for Marianne, Louise, Roslin, and Tara. So I've added those to my collection (and hopefully I can go through them before they go bad...I can never decide which scent to wear on what days and why).
Marianne: Fig, Guava, Leather, Mahogany, Peony, Pink Pepper, Tuberose, White Patchouli
Louise: Amber, Benzoin, Lavender, Maple Sugar, New Moon Hay, Opium, Pumpkin
Roslin: Curry Leaf, Fresh Snow, Hollyberry, Leather, Patchouli, Pine, White Magnolia
Tara: Black Tea, Cedarwood, Damascus Rose, Red Currant, Rosewood, Saffron, Thyme, Tobacco
I also purchased the Anita bath oil for my aunt (Anita smells, to me, primarily of a mint mocha. It's faaaaaaahbulous and delicious to my nose).
I'm wearing Marianne as I type this. She's more floral than I usually go for, but so nicely balanced with the pepper and guava, and only a hint of leather to mellow her. With all the Jane Austen I've been reading lately, I can't help but think of the sister in Sense and Sensibility. And, yes, definitely, wearing this scent while wearing Regency garb must happen in my future.

I also purchased gifts for other people from
Devout (a fabulously bizarre felt and fabric designer who makes things like two-headed deer and pinup girl felt ornaments), Thea Starr (who makes gorgeous hair accessories from recycled kimonos), and Estrella Soap Company (whose blends were delicious- I got three mini bath fizzies for myself, and two lightly-scented soaps for my parents' stockings). I wanted to buy more. So much more. But I'm a gal on a budget. I did see some absolutely unique and fun stuff. I also, to be fair, saw some extremely overpriced jewelry and baby clothes (funny the perspective you get when you make that stuff successfully yourself). Special mention goes to The Sprinkle Factory, whose jewelry was out of my price range but ADORABLE. We're talking miniature hohos and twinkies and cupcake and even sushi rolls, made into barettes, earrings, and pins.

In all, it was a fun, funky experience that was totally free (minus the purchases I made) and inspired me to get to making more crafty things. :)

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