Wrapping Paper Revolution

As environmentally conscious as I am, I have to admit that one of my pet peeves is wrapping paper.

I'm not sure where the tradition came from, or exactly when we moved from brown paper with string to ornately-designed rolls paper and ribbons in every shade, but I dislike it.

Not the concept of it- increasing the anticipation of a gift by obscuring it is clever and fun.

But the waste! 

The production waste in creating the wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tissue paper, holiday bags, tins, etc!

And then the disposal waste of it all, as it's ripped to shreds!

It's such a huge waste for a pretty small, and short-lived, and often not even fully appreciated, piece of decoration. Plus, there's this consumer pressure to buy it, as it has become part of the gift-giving ritual.

I say fight the system!
Save your money, and the earth, and consider one of these fun, funky wrapping paper alternatives:

The important part is to recognize that you have options- you don't have to encourage product waste and environmental degradation, and you don't have to spend your hard-earned money on an unnecessary item just because Western capitalism encourages it.

I'd bet that you'll have a more fun time wrapping the gifts if you choose a unique method of doing so. And that's my two cents about it. :)

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