About the Blogs I Love to Follow

My layout needs work, I know. But do me a favor and look at the right hand side of this page.

That list of Blogs I Love to Follow? Those are some amazing crafters, cooks, and all-around-folk whose blogs I check daily.

Here's a quick guide to what you'll find on them:

Herban Legends
My eldest brother's food blog! It's a non-pretentious recipe blog, focusing on Monday through Friday style cooking. He's a genius at coming up with great tasting recipes that you DON'T have to spend hours and tons of money on. It's a little tardy right now, as he's been swamped, but we're ramping it up soon (I'm a guest blogger there).

My So-Called Chaos
My friend Angela's blog, filled with news from her life and fun little memes. This woman is very connected, and through her posts I have discovered entire worlds of blog giveaways, reviews, advice, etc. She's a crafter (knitting, among other things) and a baker by hobby, and her posts are very pretty.

Dandelion Wishes
This woman's blog is teaching me how to do it right! She's creating a community there, filled with memes, blog swaps, giveaways, Queen for a Day, etc. She's got a great mix of personal and professional posts, and has won blog awards for her site.

Grosgrain Fabulous
Her blog button is for her 'theme of the month' posts, so sorry for the misconception there. This blog is a one-stop-shop of amazing sewing stuff. Her dresses and outfits, even for her daughter, as amazing and inspiring. Each month is a different DIY theme, with additional daily theme posts (Frock by Friday, etc). I get lost in project ideas when I sort through her posts.

Apearantly Sew
An Etsy sewer with a blog! Great photos, fun posts, and a nice look into one of the many amazing Etsy artists who is an everyday kinda person.

See Morgana Cook/Blog/Craft
Another blog of a domestic goddess! Like me, Morgana is a geek. Unlike me, she has pretty darn useful posts on everything from folding laundry to raising kids. I like how down-to-earth her posts are, and the mass amounts of DIY on her site.

This site makes me drool every time! She comes up with amazing concoctions in the kitchen, then shares pics and recipes with the rest of us. Her site makes me want to be a better baker.

Symmetry in Motion
One of the few momblogs that I like to follow (not being a mom myself, they are usually uninteresting to me). I think it's because she is also a perpetual-motion machine, and has fun posts, blog swaps, giveaways, etc.

Apple Loves Orange
Crafts and recipes that I have yet to try, but keep eyeing. Also, great photography and a fun, cheeky outlook.

The Middlest Sister
Another fun one, with personal and DIY posts, and great photography. Also hosts giveaways, and has the cutest kids I have ever seen.

Every Little Thing
Nummy recipes and interesting information on social work, autism, and random stuff (like beer!).

The Official Spot for WDMs
What's a WDM? Well Dressed Men, of course! And who doesn't love a well dressed man? This site highlights some of the best, from movie characters to actors to musicians to politicians. Emphasis is on well dressed men under the age of 50 and in professions where they don't HAVE to dress that well (i.e. not executives for a multinational corporation).

1 Story a Week
The goal was to write one story per week for a year. Chris did it, and he has posted his stories on this blog for your reading enjoyment. Look for his name on the cover and spine of future best-selling novels.

Hit the Road, Jac
An average East Coast geek girl, getting fit and running marathons. Pretty inspiring for those of us who can't imagine running a block.

SINically Twisted
Personal blog of the artist/model/businesswoman/crafter (and my friend) Amy Fletcher.

Kitten Konfessions
Personal blog of my friend Spazzy, whose exploits include being in health care, being a model, being a comic book geek, hosting a podcast radio show, and being generally amazing.

Face Paint Amy
Amazing makeup artist (and everything artist) Amy, who travels the world having adventures and giving people amazing removable art.

Just a Guy Who Reads Books
This man is a more voracious reader than I could be if my life depended on it. On his blog, he reviews roughly 5 books per week, for your information and enjoyment. Before you buy it, read his review.

Seattle Free School
An amazing resource for those in the Seattle area! SFS offers free (yes, 100% free) knowledge exchange. Everything from fixing your motorcycle to sewing a skirt to making cheese to managing your time, they teach it.