Commenty Love

This whole business of blogging is a work in progress for me. But one of the things I am vowing to be better about is two-way communication.

I'm not saying I will put your under obligation to have a conversation via email with me, or become my bestest friend. But I would love a chance to thank you personally for your comment, agree with you, ask for clarification, etc.

And since my comments are emailed to me, and I don't expect commenters (especially clicking through) to check back on their comments later, I prefer to email you my response. However, if you don't have email enabled, I can't do that....and I don't want you feeling like I don't acknowledge your remark and attention here. Because I definitely appreciate it!

So that lovely little button on the right is my friendly reminder to do that super easy thing and enable email, and I highly encourage it. Not just for me blog, but for many others, including Mamarazzi's (who created that button).

Thanks in advance!