Giving Blood is Love

Most people are icky around needles, don't have a spare 2 hours to sit around somewhere, or are just plain unaware of the need for blood donation.

But I know YOU aren't like that, because you're on this itty bitty blog. That means you're probably a productive adult, creative and involved with your community. Right?

Good! Then I don't have to tell you how one 30 minute whole blood donation could save a life.

Or how, on average, any blood center is far below their optimum numbers of blood units ready to transfuse to someone in need (especially types O and B).

Or how there are some people, kids even, who have horrid diseases that require weekly blood transfusions. Or even the fact that blood is perishable, which is why regular donors are rock stars.

Nor do I have to tell you how they have these nifty machines called apheresis, which cycle your blood and put it back in you (taking out only the thing the donor center needs, like platelets or double red cells), which means your body is less exhausted afterward.

Or that a lot of blood centers even have drawings, coupons, and other goodies that they give regular donors as additional incentive to come back.

But just in case you didn't know, you can be a superstar by taking only 30 minutes out of your day, every two months. 
That's less time than you wait in line at the grocery store (assuming you do grocery shopping at least 4 times in a two month period).

You can give blood to yourself, if you have an operation coming up, or designate it for a specific person if someone you know is in need of a transfusion.

Also, you get free juice, tea, coffee, water, cookies, pretzels, etc!

And since you already know that, and donate blood regularly, I want to thank you.

If it weren't for folk like you, I would have grown up without a mother, my best friend would have died giving birth to her first child, and countless people in the wake of the fire and earthquake disasters that I have lived through would be deceased. So thank you, because you ARE a superstar!
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