Little Tip with Donating Blood

Have you ever donated (especially on an apheresis machine) and felt tinglies around your lips and gums, and/or a vibration buzz sensation in your head?

It turns out that the anti-coagulants they use for keeping your blood from clotting during donation work by bonding with calcium. And if you don't have an excess of it, they bond with the calcium in your body, causing these sensations and slowing down the withdrawal rate of the blood.

Who knew!

You aren't in danger in any way, but it's hardly the most comfortable thing, and can extend a regular draw by some chunk of time.

So, before you go in for donation, drink a milkshake! Or pop a handful of Tums (and take some with you in case you need more during the procedure).

And be sure to tell your nurse if you feel those sensations (mine had Tums on hand just for this purpose), or if you need a blanket, a tv remote control, a heating pad, some water or tea, etc. Thanks for donating!
(yeah, I'd go with the milkshake if I could)
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