Musical Monday: Dr. Brohner's

I'm belated! But with good reason- we didn't arrive in SoCal until late afternoon....and came "home" to a host of problems with the house. It's all better now, but we only get internet when we loiter at the local Starbucks. Which is, frankly, driving me nuts! I'm so spoiled with having internet at home.

Anyway, Mom bought me Dr. Brohner's soap, as I was keen to try it.
Why was I keen to try it?
Because of this song, right here:

(no, she doesn't know that's the reason why. And yes, it's true)

I'm not posting lyrics, because it's best heard than read. It's NSFW, if anyone around you is paying attention, though there's no actual profanity.

Alright, back to my chai and my emails. Have a fabulous no-longer-Monday!