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Just a note that I actually have TWO blogs. This one is more public, and was designed to highlight a lot of DIY stuff (which I got away from, but will be getting back into in a month or so). The other is longer-running, and is more of a thoughts/memes/venting blog. If you're curious, it's here.

In other news, I am feeling really motivated to start a new fitness regime. When I was working out 4 days a week at Mieko's and doing personal training, I was slowly getting more fit and more svelte. Since early December, despite doing a lot of lifting for my move, I think I've settled back into the blog-midsection shape that my body is accustomed to.

I'd like to be stronger (Scotsman teases me about it, but that's a bit unfair since his arms are like concrete), and leaner through my midsection and hips, and active again for joy purposes. However, I lack a daily partner in this, and I'm broke (beyond broke, since I am owed over $1,000 by very parties right now).

So my question to you is: What is a good daily/weekly fitness schedule that works for you?

Personally, I need something:
Have you done a fitness program that you love? Do you have any advice for starting a new one? Got a resource you don't mind sharing?

Thanks so much!!

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