My Happy List


My happy list is pretty complex right now, as I had a stressful (but productive week).

Number one on it, though, is that I found an opening for my dream job. I applied, and am throwing out "Io, Hermes" every chance I get (need to actually chat, via tarot, via Cagle, as soon as I get back). I don't know the pay or benefits, but the job itself....keep your fingers crossed!

I'm en route to California with my mom right now. As usual, we gabbed at each other for 6 hours today, while driving. My mom is my best friend, and it's awesome (even if other people think it's nuts).

She also told me the story of my oldest brother's birth and first month of life. And oh my gods, she is my hero. She was definitely tested in every way possible, and I would have pitched fits night and day if that had happened to me.

And I have babies on the brain again. Not that we're trying for one (for me, it's marriage first, then financial stability, then kids). But I do definitely want 2 or 3, in the next 10 years. And it seems like 80% of the people I know either just had a baby, are pregnant, or are trying to have a baby. Is it a sign?

This is reading more like a Friday Confessional, but all of the above stuff is making me happy, and amused.

And lastly, as always, Scotsman makes me happy. The way he reads me (and misreads), the way we communicate, the trust and love between us that is so natural, amazes me. I love him in ways I didn't realize I could love somebody, and I can't imagine a future without him.

What makes YOU happy this week?