Restarting the Sweat- Fat Ass Friday

It's a shame we can't lose weight by moving furniture, planning the future to the minute, stressing, and incurring debt.

Because I would have had SUCH a workout today!

Instead, I spent all of today, and yesterday, getting my ducks in a row for my California trip. And getting the furniture finished in the new house.


I have decided to hit the restart button on my workout plan. Because clearly, it's not working. I am lacking the motivation, and actively sabotaging myself.


I am going to sign up with the local YMCA February 1st or 2nd.
And than workout.

And I am going to start eating LESS meat.
And MORE veggies.
And SMALLER portions.
(That starts tomorrow, not in February)

I am erasing my previous "Sweat Day" posts, and instead will track my progress on Fat Ass Friday (thanks, Brandy!).

Today's weigh-in: 178 lbs.
I gained 3 lbs in one week, even a week where I walked for 2 miles and did some strength training.
Probably because of my eating habits.