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It's snowing here, gorgeous fat flakes. I know that means they aren't very wet or cold, so it likely won't stick, but I have my fingers crossed. I L-O-V-E the snow!

Because we only get it a few times during the year, and it being rare makes it precious.

Because you can play in it, eat it, and it's an etch-a-sketch for snow angels.

Because it changes the landscape visually and aurally (ever notice how the world hushes when it snows?).

Because it's fun to watch kids and animals react to being in the snow if they aren't used to it.

I know that it's not fun trying to drive in the snow, and ice. I know that it's horrific losing power when it's snowing. I know that it's cold and wet which can make for feeling miserable.

But I can't help it....I'm wishing for more!

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