Snow Love

Yep, I made this! Well, the message, not the snow. But boy, whoever made the snow is working overtime, and I appreciate it! I'd like to humbly request more, please.

This started (after being predicted for the entire day) well after sundown. As a result, it is 10pm and all the neighborhood kids are out sledding in the street right now.

Scotsman and I went for a walk, got into a snowball fight, and I made my very first Washington snow angel. I'm now inside, nursing a hot cup of mocha cocoa. Life is good.

I also made this sweet little snowgal, inspired as I was by Who, Me??'s one from the other day. Hers is prettier. Mine is the frumpy gal who showed up late to the ball, but with a very fine (and jaunty) hat. I wish I could make snowgal arms, so she didn't look stumpy...those are supposed to be sleeves. Ah, well.

Here's to hoping this stuff keeps coming down, as snow, for the next day or two. I'm so very grateful that I finally got to build a (small) snowperson, make a snow angel, and have a snowball fight.....and all with the love of my life. And I want more of this bliss! :D

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