Sweat Day 4

Woohoo! I made it a priority to work out right after getting dressed today, and it seems like that sort of plan works well.

With the 3 lbs weights:
100 bicep curls
50 lateral raises
50 behind-the-head curls
25 vertical raises

Core exercises:
30 straight crunches
15 right side crunches
15 left side crunches
30 seconds of a superman pose
15 U-shape crunches
15 knee-to-chest pulls

I could have pushed myself more, but I want to baby my lower back a bit (which is still tweaked). However, I did notice an instant improvement in my mood and energy level, which has lasted for hours. Yay!

I am also looking into a membership at the local YMCA, as they have fitness courses and a lap pool. Given my large amount of daily free time, it feels like the right time to 'splurge' and go sweat every day down there. Just trying to work it into the budget...

Did anyone else have a workout today? How did it go?