Sweat Day bust

A.K.A. Sweat Days 2 and 3.

Yep, I totally skipped the second and third day of my workout plan.

And I'd feel guilty, except that the reason I missed them was because of a migraine and acute nausea and stomach cramps after the football game yesterday.

In addition to my 'Hawks sucking until 4th quarter, when it was too late, I got pretty darn sick for about 24 hours. So yesterday was hosed.

And today was recovery, as I felt (and still feel) very fragile. I might be losing weight anyway, though, as my body keeps rebelling against things I put in my mouth. It tells me I'm hungry, but it then torments me after I have consumed anything (I tried a sandwich, coffee, water, and juice). Sometimes my tummy is a massive pain in the keester.

Here's to hoping Sweat Day 4 works just fine!