Vanilla Sugar

This DIY tip comes straight from my mom, the gal who taught me (almost) everything I know about cooking, sewing, and keeping house!

If you want a truly gourmet slightly-flavored sugar for guests to use in their coffee, sprinkle on cupcakes, etc. vanilla sugar is a great way to get it. The change of flavor to the sugar is slight, but BOY can you smell it! I huff this stuff regularly (what can I say? I love the scent of vanilla beans).

  1. Submerge dry, intact vanilla bean in sugar.
  2. Wait about one week (we prefer 3-4 weeks) for optimum power.
  3. Voila!
Simple, eh?

You can keep the vanilla bean in there as long as you like. It will continue imparting its essence to the sugar, and reaches a good intensity around one month of submergence. And even if it's in there for years, it's still a perfectly usable vanilla bean (for making into extract, putting in a recipe, etc).

This makes a perfect alternative to using expensive and highly-processed flavor syrups for your coffee. My mom swears she can taste the subtle difference when she uses vanilla bean sugar in cookie recipes, too. 
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