Adventures with Flat Mamarazzi


My printer washed her out completely, so first I gave Flat Mamarazzi a bit of a makeover, including doing her nails (in gold, naturally).

We chatted Jane Austen while I worked.

The pub itself (Paddy Coyne's, in Tacoma) was very dark. How dark, you ask? Flat Mamarazzi and I could hardly see one another! Shame, really. We were also seated behind a wall from the band....and under a speaker, so talking was a moot point as well. And that meant, a lot of cider and singing with the band! I encouraged Flat Mamarazzi to try a sip of my Crispin.

Well, the tart finished it off and ordered herself a Magners after! That's ok, I didn't mind (I just stole Scotsman's instead). The quality of pictures gets a little ridiculous from here on out, as the lighting was simply horrid. 

My good friend and fellow ale wench, Scarlette, showed up with her new boy. She thought Flat Mamarazzi looked cute (thanks, babe!).

Some members of the band, on break, were a little distracted to notice Flat Mamarazzi. ;)

Everyone got a little cuddly. That is the power of BOWI when they play for three hours. Flat Mamarazzi and I wondered where those handsy Twilight boys were this evening. I was totally prepared to wingwoman for her, but to be honest, she's sassy enough to handle herself.

Finally, at 1am (we were both exhausted), the band ended their set and packed up to go. Flat Mamarazzi tried to jump in and get a picture with the band, but they sprang into action so quickly that we only got this lovely shot with Tony's mandolin there (and Scotsman). 

I think she had a good time, though I feel a little guilty that it wasn't as girly-fun as I had hoped for. We're already plotting the next outing, which may in fact be a party at my place. I offered to take her camping but...well, she's not really dressed for it! 

Thanks, Flat Mamarazzi, for letting me keep you out uber-late for a night of celtic music and pub fare.

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