Blue hair

Sami requested it (and I can't sleep because I over ate my taco soup and now have a tummy ache), so here it is:
Me, with blue hair.

(very old webcam = very bad quality)

This was the first time I dyed my hair blue. The second time, I used a different brand and it came out more saturated and slightly darker, hence "Pepsi". I miss it.

This is me with my favorite blue wig. I love the color, what can I say? ;)

The first time I went with red hair was...bad. The second time (below) I was trying for a natural auburn. I failed. I've tried over a dozen times to pull off "redhead", and failed each time. 

This was taken at a Firefly shindig (we'd host parties based around an episode of Firefly, complete with food from that episode and costumes...this one was, of course, 'Heart of Gold').

An yes, that's me pretending to pull my top down while at a restaurant in Disneyland. I'm classy like that.

Thank the gods, there are no photos of me with pink hair. Yuck.
But if I could do it again, I'd dye my hair aqua with some dark blue highlights. I miss having beautifully random hair. :)

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