Body Issues

A recent blog post from a female author that I like pretty much summed up my lifelong body issues. The same issues we all have, men and women, skinny and fat, young and old. And someone commenting on the post (which, I admit, made me cry and nod repeatedly), posted a link to this comic.

And I read the comic and thought "yeah, that also summarizes it".

So, in case you need it (like I did):

It doesn't fix things, but it does help to know I'm not the only lost child in the woods.

And also:
New blog to follow!

(And this isn't a pity party post to elicit the usual awesome chickfriend responses of "you're gorgeous/not fat/etc etc". I appreciate the motive and gesture behind those responses, and sometimes they are needed, but this post is more just about airing it out than needing support. Thanks.)