Cat Therapy

In what must only be an attempt to comfort me during this protracted illness (and not, say, because it's been cold as Canada here, or because she's just a cat), Lucy has taken to sleeping on me as much as possible.

I've been spending most of my days curled up on the couch, reading or watching tv or napping and waiting to get well again.

She's either sweetly resting against me, or holding me down. Here are her favorites:

Curled up against my thigh...and the pillows. You can't tell, but her head is actually on my ankle.

Draped over my ankle again.

Kitty yoga, on and behind my curled legs.

"What?" She's on my outstretched legs.

(My favorite: Draped over my hip with her mug on one side, and her wump on the other) 

Too cool. 

In between my outstretched legs.

In between my outstretched legs, facing the other way and looking wistful on my foot.

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