Cheer Up Swap Goodies!

My swap package arrived yesterday, but I was too sick to do anything about it.

Today, I am still sick (*sigh*), but dangit, I'm opening my goodies!

In this swap, hosted by Brandy of You Don't Know (who is a former swap partner of mine), I was paired with Jane from Jumpin' in the Jungle. For those that don't know her, Jane is a super creative mom of four, with cats and a big heart. She has an ArtFire store where she sells her cool fleece goodies (blankets, scarves, etc) AND an Etsy shop where she sells button art and such. So if I ever get my act together enough to make my own Etsy shop for my creative stuff, I'll definitely look to her for pointers. :)

Now, Jane is not one of those gals whom I see posting on my favorite blogs, so I didn't know anything peripheral about her. I played a game of hide and seek on her blog, stalking her digging for info so I could send her a good package. And she must have been doing the same thing over here, because the gal knows what I need!

So here's what I got (woowoo!):

(Lucy has a terrible need to groom herself on the blanket)

Top of the list is the cat blanket for Lucy Loo.
Lucy loooooooooves it. Seriously. Check out the video.

(And please excuse my narration there. I was both too close to the mic and still terribly sick, so I sound rather slurred and mannish)

We spritzed it with catnip spray, and she went nuts (usually, with catnip-smelling things, she just rolls on it twice and then walks away). As I type this, half an hour after taking those pics, she still hasn't moved from it. I think she's enamored of the fleecey feel, and the fact that it's hers.

(in mid ka-thump)

Her pupils are so tiny right now, and she's got this absolutely contented grin on her face. Since she totally ignores the cat bed that I bought her, I really appreciate now having a place for her to lie down, out of the way.

You know I love handmade stuff, and in addition to the cat blanket that she made for Lucy, she also made a peace-symbol scarf. Given our weather prediction for 4-9 inches of snow today and tomorrow, that's perfect timing! :D

And check this clever cheery idea! Fabric scraps (for quilting, I imagine, but I will be using them for baby clothes and fabric jewelry, muahahaha) with windmobiles in them! I haven't had windmobiles since I was a teeny tot....I love it! I'm going to put them in one of the gardens, for extra beauty and smiles. I can't wait!

I also got a lovely scented lotion (I go through lotion like crazy, handling paper and washing dishes). It's an ocean breeze scent, which is pretty much right up my mermaid alley. :)

There's a windsock tree spinner butterfly....perfect for Spring. Also perfect for the fact that I'll be entering into an outright war with the birds over our cherries in the front yard, and have been hanging spinners on the branches as often as I can. This one is beautiful, and will be both a thing that makes me smile to look at, and a deterrent to any birdies looking to steal my cherries. Plus, my neighbor's 3 year old absolutely adores butterflies, and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees it out there. :D
(I'll be putting it out in a week or two, after these crazy bad winds cease)

And she was so sweet and sent something for me to share with Scotsman.....moon pies! I had heard about these little treats, but never had one before. It's definitely a different kind of a soft smore, almost. Probably not the best lunch choice, but I'm willing to admit my weakness to new foods. :)
(And Scotsman says thank you!)

And look at the pretty daisy cookie cutter! I think Jane got me something for every one of my majori creative hobbies. :D
I just had a baking day last weekend with the neighbor, and despite having over a dozen bizarre cookie cutters, thanks to Scotsman's mom (including a saw, a church, an owl, and a rooster), I do not have any flower shapes. This will be really fun to use and then decorate (and gods help me, I am already imagining the sunny cake I will make, with fondant daisies cut with this cookie cutter!).

And, of course, the card made me giggle. It's two fat cats, in bikinis, sunning themselves. Adorable!

This swap definitely gave me a cheery bit of Spring, on a day when the temps are low and snow is imminent, and during a week when I've been frustratingly ill. Thanks, Brandy, for hosting it, and thanks, Jane, for being a fantastic swap partner! :D

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