Fat Ass Friday

Previous weight: 175 lbs.
Current weight: 175 lbs.

Yep, didn't gain (after a super indulgent weekend, and goodies yesterday for Scotsman's birthday), and didn't lose (after two days in a row of working out for an hour during fitness class).

I have to say, I'm not surprised. It's a relief to know that my working balanced my eating, as I consumed plates and glasses last weekend at the Solas concert. And then chocolate when Brandy's package arrived (although, Scotsman ate most of it). And then orange pudding cake and bad Chinese food last night. 

I predict that I won't see actual weight loss from all this working out until the end of February. Scotsman's folks come for a visit this weekend, and while I will try to be less food-indulgent, it really depends on where we go and what we do. It also means I will likely have to skip my fitness classes on Sunday.

This does definitely settle my resolve to workout today, though. I'm puppy-sitting this afternoon (read: no ballroom dance for me today), so I'll be attending the FAB (fabulous abs and buns) class around noon at the Y. I am pretty certain it's going to be less fun than water aerobics, and probably grueling (my abs H-A-T-E having to work), but it'll be worth it in the long run!

And I'll be attending class Mon-Fri next week, an hour a day.
Take that, body fat!

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