Fat Ass Friday

Previous weight: 175 lbs
Current weight: 174 lbs

Okay, I weighed myself this morning before I had consumed any coffee, so I don't think I can fully trust the numbers. Ah, well.

Here's the deal: I've been sabotaging myself.
I walked two miles this week, did water aerobics, and tonight I'll be going to ballroom dance class.

That's better than last week, but still not 'there' yet.

However, I've been drinking less water than I should.
I've been having seconds at dinner several nights this week.
I indulged last weekend and are not veggie-ful things.

And this is not fair, and not right.

I bought a huge container of salad lettuce and it's in the fridge. This will be my lunch (with additives, like garbanzo beans or cooked couscous or whatnot) every day. No excuses.

No more second helpings, I don't care WHAT it is. I'm done with that.

And I'm keeping my water bottle with me, all day long, regardless of what Scotsman does.

No more "this weekend is special" excuses. That's childish and stupid and lets me get away with shooting myself in the foot. Done. With. That.

Also, I need to sit down with Scotsman and explain to him my diet strategy, so I don't have any more "but he bought me this fast food burger, so I *must* eat it" instances.

I'm holding myself accountable, on this blog, every Friday (thanks to Brandy). I better start acting like it!