Fat Ass Friday

Previous weight: 174 lbs
Current weight: 173 lbs

I'd wahoo this one, but it feels like cheating. I haven't done any workouts this week, and haven't moved much from the couch, because I've been sick. 

When other people get sick, it's under-the-weather for a day or two, then back to normal.

When I get sick, it's every symptom in the book for 1-2 weeks. This time it started with severe exhaustion, bad sore throat, fever, dizziness/disorientation and white raised spots in my throat. It has since progressed to not-raised larger white blotches in my throat, 'productive' cough, headache, bodyaches, occasional chills, and nausea. 

So, naturally, I haven't been eating much either. Nothing of what I've eaten this week has been particularly healthy (mostly it's carbful, because I use food as comfort). But neither has it been fatty, or large portions. 

And apparently that works for weight loss! So, while I doubt this weight will stay off, and I doubt I've lost inches at all, it's good to note that now would be a perfect time to keep my portion size small from here on out.

I do want to give props to Brandy, and everyone else who is linking to Fat Ass Friday, who lost weight the good way (diet and exercise) this week. Yay!